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Contact List

Please feel free to call on these individuals. To my knowledge, they are satisfied clients and will be glad to share with you their experiences with tree climbing. Should you wish to speak to others, please contact me, and I will supply you with their names and phone numbers

Organization Contact Phone
Fayette County Recreation Dept. Fayetteville, GA Anita Godbee (770)461-9714

Georgia College Milledgeville, GA

Jude Hirsch, PHD (478)445-4072/ 5186
Tree Climber Coalition Joe Maher (706)216-2402
Camp Cavell, YWCA Lexington, Michigan Jill Laidlaw (810)359-2267
Dawes Arboretum, Newark, Ohio Laura Koperof (740)323-2355
Kentucky ISA sponsored Childrens' Tree Climbing Dino Kent (606)663-8180
Cincinati Nature Center; Goshen, Ohio Jason Neumann (513)813-1711
The Bridge; Atlanta, Georgia Debra Brook (404)591-1096
Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Jody Rice (706)302-9449
Woodfield Academy Macon, GA Sabra Hicks (478)477-9844


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